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To take a deep breath in the Wörlitz Park

Wörlitz Park is an experience for all the senses. It is the best known of all the "garden dreams" in Saxony-Anhalt, which include 50 historic parks. 2020 is their anniversary year. Even if not everywhere can be celebrated: The visit is always worthwhile

A lot is in bloom for Saxony-Anhalters in the spring. More than 1,000 historic parks and gardens await them throughout the state - and most can be visited despite Corona restrictions. Perfect for spring walks in the fresh air, to recharge your batteries and enjoy nature. And nowhere is it easier to keep your distance than in the green.

From vision to favorite park

The Dessau-Wörlitz Garden Kingdom with its centerpiece, the Wörlitz Park, is one of the biggest crowd pullers. Its history began with a great vision. It was Prince Leopold III Friedrich Franz of Anhalt-Dessau who had the park laid out in the English style from 1764. The result was a synthesis of the arts that unites garden design and architecture in a unique way. In the spirit of the Enlightenment, the park was freely accessible to everyone from the very beginning. It is still open today. And just like 250 years ago, it invites visitors young and old to discover it. Gondola rides or walks offer surprising views of the castle, temples and other buildings, of sculptures, bridges, Lake Wörlitz, of art and nature all in one.

2020 - double anniversary in Wörlitz

Wörlitz Park is one of the "garden dreams" in Saxony-Anhalt. The 50 most beautiful historic gardens and landscape parks are united under this apt name. This year, the "Garden Dreams" celebrate their 20th anniversary. The Wörlitzers, however, have another reason to rejoice. Exactly 20 years ago, the Dessau-Wörlitz Garden Kingdom was designated a Unesco World Heritage Site.

From May to September, the "Garden Kingdom Summer" will take place in the spirit of the double anniversary, but on a smaller scale than planned because of Corona. The spectacular eruption of the artificial volcano on August 14 and 15 has already been canceled. But a visit to the Wörlitz Park is worthwhile even without a special occasion. Simply to enjoy the beauty of nature and take a deep breath once again.


20 Years of "Garden Dreams": Invitation to Discoveries

The 50 "Garden Dreams" are spread all over Saxony-Anhalt. They range from monastery gardens from the Middle Ages to the modern Elbauenpark in Magdeburg. For those who would like to discover two almost unknown parks, a trip to the Altmark is recommended. In Tangerhütte and in neighboring Briest, there are two "garden dreams" that can be explored on an extended walk. Both could not be more different.

The Tangerhütte castle park takes you back to the time of the region's industrial development, laid out from 1873 by the local factory owner Wagenführ. You can visit a park with an artificial waterfall, a mausoleum, stately villas and an ornate iron pavilion from 1889. Right next door in Briest, the estate park of the von Bismarck family awaits you in English style. The manor house and an old brewery stand in the landscaped park.

Hundreds of program points were planned in the anniversary year: Plant markets, light festivals, classical concerts and guided tours. Some have already had to be canceled, others will be made up for later. For example, the "Rendezvous in the Garden" - the European Days of Parks and Gardens, to which all 50 "Garden Dreams" had invited from June 5 to 7. When the "Rendezvous" takes place is announced on the Internet. There will be information about all events. Also about whether it remains on 19 July with the common "garden dreams picnic day".

All parks and their events on the Internet:


Article published in May 2020.