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Baumkuchen city Salzwedel

Baumkuchen tastes especially delicious during the Christmas season. Salzwedel in the Altmark region is all about this specialty. That's exactly where you should enjoy it.

"Baumkuchen is the king among cakes. And Baumkuchen from Salzwedel is the king among all Baumkuchen". The confectioners of Salzwedel advertise with this proud slogan. For good reason, because Baumkuchen has been made there according to the original recipe for more than 200 years. Opinions differ as to which bakery it originated in. What is certain is that Salzwedeler Baumkuchen conquered the stately palaces all over the world from the middle of the 19th century.

The traditional confectioneries such as the "Erste Salzwedeler Baumkuchenfabrik" and the "Café Kruse" still exist today. They still produce according to the old recipe and in the traditional way. The Baumkuchen mass is scooped ladle by ladle onto a rotating roller and baked layer by layer in front of an open flame. The cake is finished with chocolate or fondant. Since 2013, only original "Salzwedeler Baumkuchen" may also be called so. Over time, other bakeries have settled here. During tours, you can look over the bakers' shoulders and, of course, taste them. All year round tours lead through the picturesque half-timbered town to the Baumkuchen. The regional train stops very close to the old town and the cake.