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Get on board right away with the Saxony-Anhalt Trainee Ticket!

For trainees in Saxony-Anhalt it means paying only € 50 per month in the subscription - and unlimited train, streetcar and bus travel! At any time, whether for training or leisure.

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Saxony-Anhalt Trainee Ticket: Your advantages

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With 50 € for your Azubi-Ticket Sachsen-Anhalt you can save a lot of money for your mobility.

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Be mobile in Saxony-Anhalt when and as often as you want. In your training time and free time.

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Subscription order

Order by the 10th calendar day of the month before the first month of validity.


For trainees in dual and school education.

Area of validity

Valid on trains, trams and buses from the first and to the last stop/station, in Saxony-Anhalt.

Bicycle transport

Did you already know? Bicycles can be taken along free of charge on local trains in Saxony-Anhalt and on the Mitteldeutschen Verkehrsverbund (MDV), as well as on many bus companies. However, bicycle transport always depends on the space available. Please inform yourself before you start your journey!

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  • For your mobility in training and leisure time with the trainee ticket Saxony-Anhalt.

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The Saxony-Anhalt Azubi-Ticket costs €50 per month and is only available by subscription.


No, the ticket is personal, only the owner is entitled to ride.


Yes, the Saxony-Anhalt Azubi-Ticket also entitles you to unlimited travel in your free time within the area of validity.


No, the ticket is personal. Additional persons are not allowed to travel on the ticket.


The Saxony-Anhalt Azubi-Ticket is generally valid in the state of Saxony-Anhalt on local rail passenger trains and on the means of transport of the participating transport companies.

The area of validity extends from the first and to the last stop/station within the state. Please note the information under the heading „Area of validity“.

Yes, bicycles can be taken along free of charge on local trains in Saxony-Anhalt and on many bus and streetcar companies. Please note the tariff and transport conditions of the respective transport company for bicycle transport.


No, the Saxony-Anhalt  Azubi-Ticket is valid without age restriction.


You can get the Azubi-Ticket Saxony-Anhalt from the following subscription-issuing transport companies:

Your subscription order must be received by the transport company issuing the subscription by the 10th calendar day of the month before the first month of validity.

Yes, if your training company or vocational school is located in Saxony-Anhalt, you may use the Azubi-Ticket Saxony-Anhalt. However, it is only valid within Saxony-Anhalt.


Yes, if the training company or the vocational school is located in another federal state, but your residence is in Saxony-Anhalt, you may use the Azubi-Ticket Saxony-Anhalt. However, it is only valid within Saxony-Anhalt.


Your entitlement to purchase the Azubi-Ticket Saxony-Anhalt is confirmed by your vocational school or your training company, or you confirm it by presenting your training contract. You prove your residence in Saxony-Anhalt by a copy of your identity card.

A confirmation that you are allowed to use the Azubi-Ticket Saxony-Anhalt is required for the entire duration of the contract.

A valid student ID or a valid authorization card (available at the transport companies issuing the season ticket; in Magdeburg at the vocational schools) and an official ID with a photo (of the user) must be carried along on every trip and presented when requested by the control personnel. If the student ID or the authorization card contains a photo (of the user), the official ID can be dispensed with. The student ID card and the authorization card must be issued or updated annually by the vocational school.

No, the Azubi-Ticket Saxony-Anhalt has a minimum contract period of 12 months and is automatically renewed every year. It is valid until it is cancelled or you are no longer a trainee.


In this case, an extraordinary cancellation of the subscription is possible, even if you are still within the minimum contract period. In this case, please immediately contact the transport company with which you have concluded your subscription contract.


For journeys beyond the area of validity, you need a ticket from the last stop / station in the area of validity to your destination stop.


Yes, a combination with the neighboring Azubi-Tickets Thuringia and Saxony (the latter as long as it is valid for the Central German Transport Association) is possible.

For all other journeys with trains of the railroad companies or in buses, which are started or finished outside the area of validity of the Azubi-Ticket Saxony-Anhalt, tickets are required up to the first or from the last scheduled stopping station / stop in the area of validity.


No, all persons who complete a dual or purely school-based vocational training are eligible.

No. Laminating makes the ticket invalid. The tickets contain security features that can then no longer be checked.


No, you are not allowed to use the ticket as a student on a dual course of study.


No, as a graduate of a vocational preparation program you are not entitled to use the ticket.


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